What's Cooking!

Glad you asked. Armed with the assistance and knowledge from a member of the Canadian Cannabis Cultivators site, Will Donaldson, I made three different potions with the marijuana I grew this year.

Canabutter, which I did make last year, Cannabis Oil, which can be used for cooking, and Cannabis Cream.

Unsure how much Buds for each, and attempting to regulate the potency of each to not get too strong as a couple of the people I hope will use the product will not be frightened away from trying it.

The Canabutter can be regulated when you use it, so mostly bud was used. Putting the butter into the neoprene trays make it easy to store in the freezer, in a zip lock bag. When you are going to use it for cooking, you can just pop out how much you have determined to use. I am going to make peanut butter cookies again this year and hopefully will have them turn out better than my first attempt.

The Cannabis Oil can also be used for cooking. I used a 50/50 ratio of bud to leaves and stems. The leaves and stems have a better amount of CBD in them, So the Oil will not be as strong. The jars are stored in the fridge and the oil will be good up to 6 months. The colour is greenish, but the consistency is very good. As well, when staining it, I was able to eliminate nearly all the small particles that can sneak through the cheesecloth

The Cannabis Cream was the one I wanted to try. I have been using CBD oil on my shoulder and it seems to help, but it is expensive. There are two people that I want to try this cream. The one person is reluctant to try it, but iI can hopefully convince her to give it a try. The other person told me that he has difficulty if the THC is too high, so I used a high percentage of Leaves and stems to increase the amount of CBD and hopefully by doing this, reduce the percentage of THC. I added Eucalyptus oil into the cream, to reduce the Cannabis smell and give the cream a nice fragrance.

I have all the test packages distributed except one. So I should have the test results assembled for another blog in the near future I have heard back from a couple of testers already, and their comments have been positive. here are a couple of pictures, during the cooking process yesterday.

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