Here Comes Fall!

Now you see it, Now you don’t! here comes fall

Tell tale signs, The empty garden, that I need to really empty, since the cement around the pool is being replaced, so the garden needs to be moved (Volunteers welcome!)

The pool in Sleep mode!

This time, very little mention of you know… I have learned that as the you know gets ready for harvest, the chance of theft is much greater. Another sad comment on some of today’s society.

I marvel at so many things that have made such an abrupt change, I don’t understand why showing manners, respecting your elders, respecting other people’s property, and being polite seems to have become the exception and not the rule. Crimes and Murders fill our NEWS stories daily.

As I get down off of my political platform, I do have a couple of late colours to cheer us up hopefully.

Late flowers in a couple of planters I made this year. On the right, Katie's flower she received from a student. loves the outdoors and the sun, but alas the cool nights have made me bring it in and put it with my Bonzai experiment!

Looks like I have found a home for the majority of my You Know. A woman posted on the Canadian Cannabis Cultivators site that her plants had been stolen. She uses the plants for medicinal purposes. Don’t have much, but what I have would be put to better use by someone that truly needs it for both financial and remedy reasons.

I have started making my prototype of the raised gardens I want to build this year, will get some pictures together for the next blog.

Should have another blog in the not too distant future, with pictures and updates on You Knows status.


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