MJ 2020 Test Results

Test results

You can only wait so long for unpaid people to respond to your request of completing the form you provided to compile the results of my 2020 marijuana strain test. In all fairness, the two culprits have given me their critiques verbally.

What made the testing interesting was that of the 9 testers, plus me, i would say there were 3 people that smoke very regularly, 3 that smoke occasionally, and 3 that smoke only a few times a year, and me that tries each one (2 puffs and no resistance)once.

The comments for the Gorilla Glue for fairly consistent that the taste was smooth and the smell was good. Overall comments were varied. Comments went from: got the giggles,and recommended taking it in the evening, to head buzz, good buzz, big buzz, lasted a good length of time with not too much of a high, to good high best taken in the evening. My two cents, this was the strongest lasted about 2 hours, felt the most of the three.

Great White Shark, like the Gorilla Glue got good marks for taste and smell. The consensus was that this was the strongest of the three. Overall comments seemed to lean towards relaxing, good to improve sleep, enjoyable smoke. Majority of the testers had this one listed as the strongest

Because of the small amount I could salvage from the Pineapple delight, only have a couple of critiques for this strain. One comment had this as weak on all accounts Taste, smell and effects. The other comment had the taste as harsh with a weak high, but with decent duration. For me this was the weakest of the three, only seemed to get lightheaded with this one.

Gorilla Glue was the big winner on preference, but Great White Shark did not receive any negative comments. The Gorilla Glue seemed to be the winner as it was not the strongest, but lasted the longest, with a good head and body high.

Added bonus, I had a chance to make peanut butter cookies and brownies this year and did get comments back on each. The cookies received comments that they relieved pain and helped with sleep. I tried a whole cookie at bedtime and when I woke up for my regular trip to the john, I felt almost paralyzed, upon returning to bed, fell back to sleep immediately. I tried a half the next night, during my mid night awakening, I was far more mobile and cognizant. Sleep came quickly after.

On the brownie front, nothing but good comments. One tester on a scale from 1-10 gave the brownies 11. Other comments had them attached to giggling, talkative, and relaxing. One tester that had tried Brownies before said they were very good. My test, I had it in the evening, was a noticeable high followed by good sleep.

Hope these comments have been helpful, I thank all the testers this year, for their replies.

I have already started planning what I will be doing this year. I will be trying a couple of different strains and I will be Topping the plants this year to make them bushier, but not as tall. After the harvest, I will be trying to make tincture. I was going to do that this year, but made the cream instead. Will probably make butter and cream again as well, using this year as a good barometer on how to improve on both.

After 2021, I suspect I will stop growing the marijuana. I will need to find a new garden challenge, so if you have something you think would be interesting, just let me know. I was thinking about trying some plant/shrub/tree grafting.

Couldn't leave without saying: Stay Safe, Stay Well, Self distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!!!!!

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