End of an Era

End of an Era, A new season begins!

A picture is worth a thousand words so this blog is 1000’s of words…because it is mostly pictures

The old beast garden needed to be moved, between the soil and the rocks in the bottom, it wasn’t going anywhere! Got it emptied and knocked down, but now I am not sure the concrete will be replaced this year.

With all the uncertainty about when we will be able to resume normal travel with stores, airports, restaurants open, I am unsure how my gardening will evolve this year.

On the veggie side, I have grown my cucamelons from seed, purchased some young tomato plants and peppers from a local nursery. Will get a couple of cucumbers when they get them in and that will be about it.

For flowers I have grown delphinium, lemon grass, and 2 types of sunflowers from seed. I have split my sedums and replanted them. My hostas are just starting to poke through from their winters sleep. The peonies are coming out already. Most of the shrubs are budding up nicely. I have pictures to show some of the progress.

My perennial test of putting my planters under the wrought iron table in the back yard and covering them seems to have been a success, as many of the flowers seem to be returning.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, I have started germinating my feminized seeds today, and next week will start germinating the auto flowering seeds. So everyone please stay well, stay safe, and of course…stay home.

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