Weeding in December

Weeding in December:

Now that the harvest is done. It’s time to use it. There definitely is no shortage of YouTube videos for what I wanted to do. First off I wanted to make Canabutter. Carefully gleaning the best information from each I came up with my plan of attack. I did not use much of the information from the one video where the announcer looked to be somewhere else!

I guessed on the amount of marijuana used as I did not need to make it in the quantities that most of the videos produced. First off, I decarbed the marijuana in the oven, dries it out more as well. Take the decarbed marijuana and put it thru a grinder.

Take the ground marijuana and put it into the glass container that has the melted butter in it. This container is in a pot of near boiling water. Stir the marijuana in and leave it on a low heat for 3 hours. After the 3 hours let the butter cool somewhat.

Pour the butter into a cheesecloth fastened by an elastic over another glass container. Much of the marijuana infused butter will filter through the cloth into the container. You can squeeze the cheesecloth once the majority of the butter has gone into the container below, be careful not to squeeze too hard or you will get some of the fine powder going into your canabutter.

I poured the butter into a neoprene baking pan, and placed them into the fridge to set. From the videos I watched, it looked as it should.

Back to YouTube, need recipe for making peanut butter cookies with the canabutter.

Not sure how much to use, I used one of the discs from the baking pan. well I definitely used too much regular butter with the recipe as the cookies ran into each other.

So, most of my cookies are square. I have tried part of a cookie and did not feel anything out of the ordinary. The next night I had a little larger part of the cookie, again no noticeable change, or was there. I slept for 5 straight hours. The next night I tried an even larger portion of a cookie, didn’t feel any different, but slept for 6 hours straight. When I wake up in the morning I feel well rested, but that seems to be about it. My conclusion is that for the recipe I used I should have used more canabutter with the recipe. I think I will try to make more cookies, but will make smaller batches. Hope this makes them closer to the way they are supposed to be, from a potency standpoint. I have given most of the cookies to my armada of testers. I will see what their remarks are about the cookies.

I have remarks on the quality of the marijuana at the end of this blog. I did try it to see how it affects me as well. I should have made a video of me trying to roll a joint. Quick question, is 20 minutes a reasonable time to accomplish this feat? So, I took 3 tokes (notice how savvy my lingo has become) and waited, I must admit, shortly after I did notice a change, I felt quite relaxed. I can see why this may be a deterrent while driving as I don’t think my reaction time was very quick at that time. I would say the feeling from the marijuana lasted about 3 hours. You will see below the comments from a couple of my testers. They have a better comparison than I would. After trimming the buds for the amount I think I will need, I did still have 2 jars full of buds. On the Ontario Cannabis Cultivators site, one of my best information sites, there was a post from a woman who had her plants stolen from her back yard. She wrote a detailed comment how she required the marijuana for medicinal purposes, and was sure she would be unable to afford to purchase the amount she required. At that time I contacted her and told her she could have for free what I didn’t need. I contacted her and we arranged for her to pick up the 2 jars. She was kind enough to give me her impression on the product. I have copied and pasted our conversation: Hi David...I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again. I have had a chance to try it and it's very nice , it's a smooth easy smoke weed ...it’s a nice mellow buzz I'd say it's a cross between sativa and indica strain...more on the sativa side ...it helped me sleep and eased my pain so all in all I give it a thumbs up...great job ...what was the name of it again?

My answer: Great White Shark

Nice...I have gotten a few seeds so far so I will definitely be growing some of this ....thank you

One of the other tester wrote:

I gave your weed a little test drive. It felt natural and didn’t make me feel too high. More energetic and happy! Walked the dog and listened to Christmas carols

Now I’ve got the munchies and relaxing.

My last comment from an experienced, analytical user:

Consumed 1/2 of your cookie to see how I reacted. Ate following a meal and effects took about an hour to start and 2-3 hours to really take effect. I wouldn’t grade this buzz as a “sativa” high but more the gentler “indica” buzz. The same goes for the leaf sample. I never take more than 2 tokes from any cannabis product because you never know how potent it may be. Your crop is quite enjoyable.

All in all, pretty good reviews, I am going to use different seeds for the upcoming year, so I can compare the reviews.


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