Marijuana Cycle 2020

This Blog is about the Cycle of the Marijuana plants for 2020. The year has had its share of ups and downs.

The seeds were germinated and when ready I put the 3 plants outside to harden up. I was using 10 gallon fabric pots this year. the pots were a little too large and I used clamps to reduce the total volume without reducing the height. I placed the plants in the same order as in the original picture. I have added a number of pictures to lead you through the cycle.

as you can see the plants were progressing quite well until one of the plants became a male. The pictures below show how all of the plants were progressing before the one plant became a male . I have included a picture to show how to determine the plant is a male.

Above shows the 3 plants. Plant 1 is an auto flowering (Gorilla Glue). The second and third plants are both Great White Shark Feminized Seeds. The middle plant at the time of the picture was about 7 feet

The second picture shows the middle plants after i had to cut it down and remove it before it could infect the other 2. Picture 3 shows how you determine that the plant has become a male.

This picture shows the extent of the root. This was the root from the male plant that I had to destroy.

Unaffected by the male plant, The autoflowering (Gorilla Glue) was progressing nicely. I took nearly 200 leaves off of the plant to allow the buds to best receive the nutrients, as well, keep the air flow around the plant at a maximum to assist in proper development and growth.

I have frozen the leaves for now and will thaw them later and dry them in

I have frozen the leaves for now and will thaw them later and dry them in the oven before making butter, oil, or tincture. I have not decided which I will try.

This is a closeup picture to show the trichomes on the buds of the Gorilla Glue plant. The plant is ready to harvest.

Another one bites the dust, but this one was at the right time. off to the shed for drying

Joey and Colins plant was also coming along nicely. I germinated another Great White Shark seed for them to grow. I am always curious how the same stain will grow in different locations. They have the shed where we dry the plants after harvest. Below you can see 2 pictures of the Gorilla Glue hanging in the shed.

As the days become shorter, and the temperatures drop, there is always a chance of frost damage, and once the buds start to develop, you can get bud rot from too much rain. This is a picture of my best attempt at covering the remaining Great White Shark plant that had grown to 8 feet, the other GWS plant that i had to destroy was much larger.

As i did with the autoflowering plant, I again removed tons of leaves to improve the bud development and airflow. The results show the plant progressing well to the point that it too fell victim to the saw.

Sorta looks like a Charlie Brown Xmas after we readied the gal for drying.

The last effort for 2020 was another autoflowering that i probably should have started sooner than i did. The strain is Pineapple and its growth has been steady except for a surprise beheading from and errant leash. I inquired on the Cannibis site what everyone thought and was told it would definitely not have enough time to develop to maturity. Making a cover for this plant is much easier as it is only about 2-3 feet tall. i even put the pot into a wheelbarrow. I have a couple of pictures of the buds and their development in only 10 days. tell me what you think. I think with my current setup I could easily wait another 2-3 weeks, Lets all keep our fingers crossed

This picture was taken 10 days ago. the pictures below were taken today.

Well the Gorilla Glue has dried and has been bottled. The thick long buds produced 6 large jars. I have no frame of reference, but this seems to be a very respectable return from this plant

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