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In this blog I will be showing pictures of the vegetable and pepper gardens, with pictures of some of the peppers that are still in full swing. I will also be showing both early and current pictures of the marijuana plants so you can see the progress Growing the marijuana has been a real eyeopener as I joined a site, Canadian Cannabis Cultivators-Ontario. The members have been very helpful in providing me with answers to my endless list of questions. Their pictures of their plants have inspired me to try again next year, armed with a better game plan for success.

This year I cut back on the vegetables I planted, really I did. this is definitely the best year I have had growing cucumbers. the 2 plants produced more than 2 dozen large, firm cukes. the 2 tomato plants grew very quickly and produced a large number of large tomatoes, the downside is that they did not ripen on the vine very well. I have had to remove a number of large tomatoes that were hindering growth of younger tomatoes. Tried growing a squash plant, only got one large squash before the plant decided to up and die. i think i will try cucamelons next year, wish me luck, these look like fun to grow.

This is a picture of my zucchini plant. look at all those blooms! Must have had a bumper crop! Wrong!!!Tons of flowers with only 2 growing at all and then not that well. I have not had very good success since my first year. Will try again next year, but will pay close attention to the soil, i can only assume this is a contributing factor to my slow return.

This is the second year I have used this raised garden for my peppers. I reduced the number of plants to 5 this year. Two were hot and the other three were sweet. Again the yield on all the plants has been tremendous. This garden more than the larger garden, I think most benefits from the wicking watering system. I don't use a ton of nutrients but I do try to prepare the soil at the beginning to give all the plants a good start. With the watering from the bottom, I think the nutrients in the soil remains longer and helps in the root development and pepper numbers.

Here is a picture of the green pepper plant, taken this AM. As you can see it is still producing a few more, before the end of season.

This is a picture of one of the hot pepper plants, it too is still producing a large number of peppers

You will find below early pictures of all 3 of my marijuana plants. you will notice the changes when I also put up recent pictures


These a pictures of the plants earlier. the smaller ones from the second germination are much smaller than Baby, but once I returned them to their original location, seemed to thrive.

Here are recent pictures of the same plants. Baby doesn't look much larger but I have removed conservatively more than 100 large fan leaves to allow better air flow and hopefully improve on the development of the buds

Baby Later

Hopefully you will be able to see the development of all of the plants. There are much fewer buds on the smaller plants as I did for sure plant these too late. However their are lots of buds on Baby. I will show 2 more pictures of one of the plants that need the large fan leaves removed (smaller picture), and a few of the buds on Baby.

Will keep you posted as I proceed to the harvest and storing of the plants.


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