Don't cut this Grass Yet!

Don’t cut this Grass Yet!

Its Me! Not Arte Johnson

The Marijuana plants are still going strong. The growth has not been as rapid on the 3 plants that I have, but the one I gave to my daughter and her husband looks like it may be on steroids.

Baby is now 44” tall. Upward growth is much slower, but it seems to be very thick below. I joined the Ontario Gardener and many people have given me tips on improving the growth. As a result I have removed quite a few of the lower leaves and large wide leaves to allow the sun and air to still reach the majority of the plant.

The other 2 plants I have, looked like they were struggling, but I think I may have over watered them. I am giving the plants nutrients every 3 waterings. These seem to be back in reasonable grow mode. They seem barren on the bottom, but the tops are coming in thicker. Comments from the Ontario Gardener site says the plants look very healthy, so here’s hoping.

I gave the other plant to my daughter and her husband, so I could compare the growth. They left their plant in an area that got full sun all day. I have since relocated the tubs I have. As you can see their plant is very bushy and larger than the 2 that I have here.

Joey and Colin’s plant was 20 inches as of last update, the 2 here are 18” and 14” restpectfully.

They have each sprouted about 2” in the last day or so.


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