Heat and Rain, recipe for growing!

Too hot to be outside for too long, work shift got cancelled, good time to update the garden blog.

We now have 4 Tamarix planted in the back yard. They are all at different levels, so I thought I would give you pictures of the 4, with brief

comments on each.

The first picture is of a 2018 Pink Blossom Tamarix purchased at La Rose. Although I had a guard around it to protect it from the bunnies, all the snow we had last year made a nice platform for the bunnies to stand and eat the bush to the extent we thought for sure it was a goner. But in the spring it showed signs of life and it now looks pretty healthy again.

The second picture is also a 2018 Pink Blossom Tamarix purchased at La Rose. This one had a taller guard around it and survived the attack of the hungry rabbits. It has gotten quite bushy and we are attempting to get it to grow taller and straighter.

The third picture is the oldest of the Tamarix. It was purchased at Connon Nurseries in Waterdown. It is a tree, although we are letting it have some growth at the bottom. Not a great picture, but it stands about 7’ presently and it has plumes that are turning pink. When it gets mature the colours are very attractive.

The last Tamarix picture is this years addition, also purchased from La Rose. It was slow at the start, but has now shown goods signs of filling out and up. When these all get older, they will add a colourful addition to the backyard.

A garden update would not be complete without some current Marijuana pictures. Baby has steadily grown and the second round of seedlings seem to be progressing nicely.

As you can see, I have moved 2 of the seedlings to a new pot, that I also put a wicking watering system underneath. This has been good for Baby as the soil has not dried, even in the hot spells we have been getting. Also built some new guards for around the plants as I thought the present one was going to hinder the natural growth. A friend has given me some helpful hints and recommended getting some nutrients for them, while they are in the vegetative stage. The place where I got the nutrients was also informative. He did say I should have started earlier, but I didn’t know any better. He also explained another boost product once the plants enter the flowering stage. Learning on the fly, these things grow really quickly.

I reduced the amount of vegetables in the big raised garden this year, but, I think I will have to reduce the numbers again next year, if this years growth is what I can expect. Picture 1 is of the cucumbers, again a terrible picture, but behind the leaves there are 8-10 cucumbers growing and we have already taken half a dozen good size ones.

DIY!!! See the hammock put around the squash. The vine grew through the guard and I don’t want it to fall off and break on the concrete. I have tons of flowers on the squash, but only a couple have squashes growing.

Ok, more bad pictures, one of the Scotch Bonnets, one of the Hot Peppers, and one of the long Sweet Peppers. picture on left, see circles, Scotch Bonnets, On the right leaves hiding 6-8 Hot Peppers, below, Long Sweet Peppers


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