Big Baby

Big Baby

Garden update: I think the rapid growth this year is for a number of reasons. I did have the opportunity to prepare the soil before planting. I reduced the number of vegetables and peppers planted. The amount of rain we have had, coupled with the proximity to the swimming pool has also been a positive. I have included a picture of the vegetable and pepper planters so you can see the growth. These were taken on July 11, 2019. I have been cutting back the lower leaves on the zucchinis, squash and cucumber and tomatoes just to allow for better top watering, however the wicking watering systems seem to be working well to keep the soil in each moist. I have already taken a number of cucumbers and peppers from the plants. The tomatoes seem to be progressing a little slower than last year but quite a number are on the vines presently.

I am pleased with the plants that have sprouted from seed, as well my attempt to get an ivy growing from the ivy that started on the pool shed wall and has expanded to the fence, the maple tree, 3 neighbours backyards and covering much of the garden behind the pool. I have attached a copy of the sunflowers, the ivy, and the trumpet vine

On the marijuana front, baby has continued to flourish since being planted outside. She has nearly attained 12” height. I took 2 of the new seedlings and planted them in the same container. I didn’t want to put anymore, now that I see how large the plants seem to grow. The third seedling I planted in a separate pot, to see if the wicking watering system encourages better growth with the other two.

the top picture is of the replacement seedlings once they germinated, picture 2 is of one of the 2 replanted in the container where Baby is planted, picture 3 is the final seedling that i planted in a pot on its own, and the final picture is of Baby, i added a ruler behind to show its growth.

I should be able to add a flower garden update with the next blog. Brown Thumb, out for now!


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