Outside for Baby!


Yes I have been cussing the rain, but I do seem to be cutting the grass far too often!

But then I look at the garden, and all is forgiven!

Outside for Baby means… that I think it is the proper time to move my marijuana plant outdoors. In case I am wrong, I do have a plan “B” . Growers Choice did forward me replacement seeds for the ones that did not germinate. I will be starting the germinating process with them tonight. I had already planted the Sunflowers and Trumpet vines in the planter I have set up for the marijuana plants, and they seem to be doing well. Anyone with helpful hints, feel free to leave me messages in the comments of contact me directly.

The peppers and vegetables have really enjoyed the rain and they have grown quickly in the last couple of weeks. See pics above.

On the plant side, both peony plants are blooming. It’s a shame they fade so quickly.

That’s a quick update, Brown Thumb out for now!


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