What to Grow?

What to Grow? Definitely will cut back on the number of pepper plants I have this year, probably only a couple sweet and a couple of hot. I definitely will grow tomatoes in the main raised garden, but again only a couple. Cucumber and Zucchini seem to tolerate my gardening methods, so they make the cut. Here is where I am changing my direction. I have grown garlic for the last 2 years, started as a challenge from a golf buddy, shout out to Gerry Aho, who grows tons, I had reasonable success, but have decided to try my luck at growing marijuana. I have never tried this before… so, Google! Here I come. As I understand, a household can grow up to 4 plants, but I think if I can get 2 to grow, I will be able to blog the progress.

Sounds easy enough, but I didn’t even know where to buy the seeds. I didn’t know that the dispensaries couldn’t just sell me seeds. I went back to the internet and found sites that could sell me the seeds and mail them to me. These sites were helpful as they outlined how to germinate the seeds, how and when to plant the seeds, and the continued maintenance required to insure the proper growth.

The next hurdle is…do you know how many different types of marijuana plants there are? Did you know that plants can grow up to 10 feet tall? Did you know there are male and female seeds? More research required! This is when I found using the CONTACT US button on one of the websites very helpful. I explained that I was doing a blog and wanted to try growing some plants. They replied suggesting the type of seed that would be best for a marijuana growing rookie.

They suggested a seed called Great White Shark. They are feminized seeds, which are the easiest seeds to grow. This plant produces a deep relaxation feeling and gives relief from pain and stress. It is OK for use in the evening, some are not recommended for evening use as they make your mind overwork and will not promote sleep. The seed can also ease migraines, depression and anxiety.

Well, the seeds arrived, packed in a DVD case, I guess this protects the seeds from being damaged in transit. First off, I need to germinate the seeds. This means I need to submerge the seeds in water for 14-16 hours. After submerging, the seeds are transferred to a moist paper towel, within a week or so, the seeds should be showing taproots. When the taproots are ¼ to ¾” they are ok to plant. I purchased 5 seeds(Editors Note: they are not as cheap as Radish seeds!), I was going to grow 2 hydroponically, using my daughters Aero Garden and the other 3 in soil. Hopefully these will produce small plants that I can transfer the 2 strongest looking plants into the garden outside.

Hope to have a progress report in a couple of weeks after the germination stage.

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