Jus' Chillin'

Jus’ Chillin, could mean the temperature or that I am not doing too much.

I must admit I was pretty happy with the Christmas planters we made for the front of the house this year.

All the members at Trafalgar have been scrambling to find a new place to play next year as the course has been sold. There was hope that the course would remain private and an old connection to TGCC had been found to allow the course to remain status quo for another 4-5 years. Unfortunately , that didn’t happen as the timing of the announcement was as poorly timed as it could have been. So presently over 200 Trafalgar members have gone to other courses for next year. I looked at it very different, most of the courses I was interested in, wanted initiation, and/or could not provide the 5 day membership I enjoyed at Trafalgar. It is sad that a 60 year old course has come to an end, so Matt and I dressed in golf clothes and went to Trafalgar for a memory shot

As the season ended, bowling usually starts but this year we didn’t get going until January, this allowed me time to get my golf sorted out for next year. I have been fortunate to get a job at Glencairn Golf, only about 10 minutes from home. I will be learning to be a starter and marshall, and the best perk is I get to golf, time permitting. If all works out, I will still get 2-3 rounds in a week and that is fine for me.

We just get going into the bowling and I am off to a much warmer climate. The day we left the weather dipped and the snows came. Good timing on our part!!! Instead of shoveling I was getting the rust off at the golf course, see card.

As well, in an effort to keep warm upon return, I was fed too much, too often and suspect I now have a hibernation layer I need to shed.

At the club offices they have displayed a number of their present club members, see picture, I guess they will get our pictures up soon!

Back only 2 days and the temperature has risen to a plus, Yippee, now let us hope the groundhog didn’t lie too.

I do have a planned pallet project, have secured 2 pallets already and will start with the plans. I hope to make a take down Xmas tree for the front lawn to replace the last of the inflatables who have served us well, but are showing their age. If the plan works I will be able to put lights on it as well as decorations, fingers crossed. Bye for now,

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