Beard and Business

No, the beard is not a middle age crisis! No, the beard is not a result of my delight of the legalization of cannabis! I was asked by my daughter, Joey to grow the beard and be Santa for her brother-in-laws Christmas party. In the past her husband Colin had been Santa, but last year his nephew Nathan thought he recognized his voice. As a result I am the replacement. I am not sure I have left enough time for the beard to get to an acceptable length. I may have underestimated my ability to grow this puppy,as my original test seemed to grow quicker than this one is presently. If it doesn’t get longer enough, no problem, as they do have a full wig/beard and of course suit available for me. HOHOHO!

One thing for sure you need to do when you retire is keep busy. You must realize that probably a third of your life was filled with work. This void needs to be filled, for both your sanity as well as your spouse. It has been nearly 2 years and I don’t think my wife has completely adjusted to me being around as much as I am. Golf fills up some time in the summer, but not all. Gardening fills up some time, but again not all. I worked part time for the software company I had used, but being out of the industry and as a result not completely understanding the many changes that Customs was implementing, my ability to help them evaporated. Too bad, as I enjoyed the business interaction.

What to do? Well I have applied to act as a starter or marshall at a number of golf courses around Milton, and there are quite a few. I have signed up to bowl in a league this winter, as well as the Wednesday get together with a bunch of the golf guys from Trafalgar for a little gambling, under the guise of bowling., I assume I can still use the name Trafalgar, even after the sale! My thoughts on the sale of the golf course and the impact it has could be a blog all its own. I may do that once the dust settles and some of the rumours are put to rest and others come to fruition.

Idle time has had me reading the local paper far more thoroughly lately. One thing I have noticed is that the amount of crime in our town seems to be on the rise. It seems every month I am reminded by a neighbor, that, I make sure that our cars are locked, since someone on the street has had their car broken into. I was getting to the point that I was going to install my own motion cameras to our house. We order goods that are delivered and left at our front door, and this also seems to be an area where is crime is running rampant. Assaults and robberies are the norm and no longer the exception in our little paper. I just shake my head when I read some of these things, as doing any of these crimes is something I would never think of doing, but there is a whole different sector of people that don’t seem to have a problem with it.

Business Idea… many people are unable to afford alarm systems. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know if you were away on vacation that there was someone watching over your home. My idea is to provide a reasonable option for these people. What I would provide is a daily scrutiny of the house to insure it is still secure. I would provide removal of papers, debris from the house. Depending on the length of the holiday provide lawn maintenance or snow removal as required. Provide light timers to give the home the “Someone’s home” look. I would install motion cameras/lights, to act as deterrent if requested. I want to hear from you with suggestions, give me pros or cons on the idea. I won’t be offended if you tell me the idea isn’t viable. Better run for now, next up will probably be the pre-xmas report card for the Leafs. See facebook for beard updates.

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