Really the title should have been POTS, but with the upcoming legalization of Marijuana, i thought the title could get more interest! This blog is over 9000 words, using the formula that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

I am pleased with the way that the pots have thrived this tear. would like to think it was with all my attention, but the weather certainly has had something to do with their success.I bought smaller pots of the plants I used, did keep them all well watered. Most of these plants are annuals, but i will research during the winter and try to do a couple of pots with exclusively perennials. the first picture is of the 3 pots I always put near the pool, i have a couple of perennials in them, lets see how they survive the winter. Image 2 is of the pots I made for behind the pool to replace where the rocket Juniper had been, I have the pots on 3 stumps of different heights to hopefully make the plants show better. the next 5 images are of the pots that I make for the front of our deck. the amount of sun and shade that these receive seem to agree with their growth. The last 2 are on both sides of the garden. The total cost for all the plants would be less than 50.00, so with a little time and effort we got 9 pots for the backyard for a very reasonable price.

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