Hostas and Peppers

Hostas and Peppers: I thought it would be easier if I just reviewed a couple of plants from the gardens with each blog. Mostly pictures, but that is the best way for me to fill the pages without having to really type too much. I have set up 2 galleries, one for the hostas and one for the peppers.

As you can see I have quite a number of different hostas growing in the various gardens around the house.

Many of these are large enough to be split. That is when I had the idea of starting a site for Trading Perennials in the spring. I don’t want people to sell their plants, but rather trade. Next year I will have a number of different varieties of plants that I can split. What I would do is post pictures of the plants I have for trade and hopefully someone sees something they like and they contact me to trade with them. That way I would get something different. To me it sounds like a great way to increase the variety in your garden(s) at no charge. I think this could be a lot of fun!

The biggest mistake I made with the peppers this year is, too many types, I put a wicking watering system into the raised garden and it seems to really be keeping the peppers all happy. Every plant had grown taller than the Critter Guards I built for the garden.

I did threaten you that I would attempt another Vlog (Video Blog) let me know what you think. I did get assisted with the video, which makes the video portion much better than my efforts of doing the video and talking at the same time. Guess who did the video, big hint, who is in the last part of the video??

Next am planning an update on the Tamarisk, both the tree and the bushes and the different sedems I planted this year.

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