Garden update...coming soon!

You are due a garden update, but its been too hot, ok, call me a suck!

To hold you over, I did find a cute cartoon that is related to my previous blog, so I thought I would share it with you.

But first a couple of non related thoughts: Am I the only person who thinks "e.e. cummings" whenever you type "i" and it doesn't capitalize?

Yay Leafs!!! Tavares is a great catch,

Joey Bats seemed truly moved by the fan reaction to his return.

How can Iceland qualify for the World Soccer Tournament and Canada cannot?

Golf is talent and confidence... if you have less confidence than talent... look out, it's not pretty!

i (e.e. cummings) made this statement as I am in the middle of a, thus far, season long experiment, soon to end, as I have come to my conclusion.

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