Did I miss the Memo?

Did I miss the memo?

  • When was it changed, that if you are walking and texting, you don’t have to pay attention to cars on the road?

  • When was it changed, that parking is no longer part of getting your driver’s license? I see too many people struggling with parking, to the point of ridiculous. I wish I was quicker with my phone to take videos… I am probably missing out on America’s Funniest Home Video $$.

  • When was it changed that everyone take their driver’s test in a compact car and then immediately get behind the wheel of a huge SUV? You can see the fear in their eyes.

Suggestion: when you are driving, glance at your knuckles, if they are white from strangling the wheel… DON’T DRIVE!

  • When where the littering laws changed? I see an increasing number of people throwing garbage out of their cars. Must keep the car clean…I guess

  • When was it changed, that using your directional signal became optional?

Are these huge problems? Well, for the most part, not really…but with age comes the right to comment, and hopefully get people to become more aware.

There… I feel better now! Back to the garden blogs soon, spoiler alert, had 2 cucumbers, some peppers, and garlic scapes already! Goes to show, even BROWN THUMBS can garden!

#rant #baddrivers

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