Raised Garden 2.0

When you see the pictures of the Raised Garden Evolution, you will understand why I have taken so long to repost. I left off with the garden needing the liner, watering tube and an overflow drain and dirt guard sheeting, I used vapor barrier for the liner, thanks to Lumberville, that they would sell it to me by the foot rather than the box. I used connector for a lighting fixture as my overflow drain, with washer on the inside it holds nicely to the liner without ripping it and causing it to leak. For the watering drain I used 2” PVC piping and drilled some hole in them to allow for better distribution of the water for the watering bed. See the pictures below to see each of these.

Once I got these all completed, it was dirt time! Eventually ended up with 3 cubic yards of soil for the flower gardens as well as the gardens for the vegetables. I will still have to buy more dirt for the flower planters we put around the pool and front door. Captured a shot of the storm we encountered late April. My neighbours tree even decided to visit. This necessitated me move the rocks in the bottom of the garden and bail out the water so I could install the overflow drain, literally had to wait for the ice to melt before I could proceed with the bailing.

Happy as a clam, I snap a picture of the Garden filled with dirt. Date April 27th YIPPEE!

Hold on a second Kemosabe!!Date April 28th! Enter a series of expletive deletives!!!!

Had not planned on this, I do remember, going over the garden once filled and realized I had neglected to add the one support brace on the back. No problem, I can do that tomorrow morning, wrong, woke up to find the back side and bottom had blown out, distributing the dirt, rocks, and liner(s) on the ground. Funny thing about anger, makes you stronger, picked up the garden and moved it out of the way so I could move the dirt, rocks, etc. to make room to repair the garden. I was surprised how easily it did go back together, but I made sure I added more braces for the bottom and made one major change. I decided that it would still be high enough without the legs, so I lopped them off. #Ridgid Reciprocating Saw

Other projects on the go are: converting one of the raised gardens to a flower garden with a little fence around it to keep Penny the Dirt Digger out!, reclaiming the back garden and planting some ornamental grasses to make it look better. Behind the pool is the biggest challenge. Since we lost the 30’ Rocket Juniper last year it has looked very blank. I have aquired a couple more stumps and once leveled will get some planters for the top of those, I have a few more things planned, but if I don’t tell you now, I have a great excuse for another Blog.

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