Updates- Raised Garden & Leafs

As promised, I have an update on the Raised Garden Project. I have added more support to the base and sides of the garden as I am sure the weight of the filled garden will be quite substantial. I had purchased a heavy gauge painters drop cloth as suggested in a number of the raised gardens found on Pinterest or YouTube. If you plan on trying to make one of these on your own, DO NOT use the painters drop cloth. As I laid it out in the garden cavity, it became apparent that it would not be heavy enough to withstand the stones that are needed to complete the watering system. Went to my solution center “Lumberville” and found that vapor barrier is much thicker, comes in a suitable thickness to fit into place, they also sell it in lengths so you can purchase what you need rather than having to purchase a box. The actual cost turned out to be the same as the painters drop cloth. I fitted the liner in and secured it with staples, I kept the liner up the sides further than was necessary, but I could cut that back later after I put in the stones and check that the liner is water tight. I installed the tubing for watering and secured it with 2 pieces of strapping (the same as the strapping I used for the Rodent Guard holders.) I have taken some of the River Rock from the garden behind the pool and laid them in the garden, they seem like they will be perfect for using as the rounded edges makes the likelihood of damage to the liner minimal, and size is ideal for obtaining the required level for the watering system. Once I get the stones in I will create an overflow hole so I will be able to tell when I have enough water in the base. I have a creative idea with this and look forward to explaining it in the next blog.

All the while, I have been trying to maintain the Ghost Pepper plant I brought in last year at seasons end. Although everything I read seemed to lead to the fact that keeping it alive would be unlikely. If i was a better photographer, you could see about a dozen flowers on the plant

I have been figuring out what I am going to do with my yard this summer, and I think it could lead to a number of other blogs (maybe VLOGS!) about the gardens, since I am such a seasoned veteran around the soil! (TIC) let me say this: I see Grasses, ferns, clematis, bird houses, stones and maybe a small shed. Having said that, who wants to come over and help me move a ton of dirt???

I also warned you I may do a follow up on the Leafs. I will keep this brief. I was wrong with my assessment of Borgman, since being sent to the Marlies he hasn’t very much, I’m not sure he hasn’t been hurt, but his demotion has tweaked my interest, Holy Moly, who is Travis Dermott and why haven’t I seen him earlier. He’s a keeper for sure. My assessment of Van Reimsdyk and Hyman were also off. I hope Van Reimsdyk is not just playing like a man possessed because of his UFA status, because the one I am looking at now, I like, a lot! He has always had a great touch, but he is also working in the corners, who knew he had that in him. Hyman with Matthews out has stepped up his game, I didn’t think he could work harder but I was wrong, he has even started to generate points on his own. Sorry to see Gauthier go back, but Kapenen seems to have found himself, and it’s a shame that Johnnson (and Kapenen for that point) finds himself on the fourth line. With Plekanec rounding out that line, they have some talent, I surely hope Plekanec is saving himself for the playoffs, because to date he has been a bust, is he pouting?

Areas where I think I hit the nail on the head: Hainsey does need a little rest down the stetch, he is looking tired. Really glad Zaitsev is back because the Leafs are weake with Polak and Carrick in the lineup. The injury to Anderson may have been a blessing, he needed some rest and McElhinney has been a more than adequate whenever he is called on. Can you ask for any better play from Kadri, Marleau, Marner, Matthews, Nylander, Van Reimsdyk up front? Gardiner still has a brain fart every few games, but the excitement he creates more than outways these, while Reilly is quietly going about his business defending and putting up points. I know the coach is missing Komarov, not sure I am.

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