Winter project

Winter Project, Raised Garden, with Wicking Watering system, and removable Rodent Guards.

As stated earlier, I had the idea in my head for months, but as I started to put the plans together, I was making many adjustments and modifications. After creating enough room in the garage, I purchased the wood. No looking back now, fire up the saw!

Did the basic frame with 2x4’s, because I wanted to make sure it would sustain the weight of the dirt + rocks + water. Used 1x6’s for the base and the sides. After making the 2 length pieces, I realized that when finished, this garden would have some weight to it, so I moved the assembly to poolside in the backyard. The rodent guards I used 1x2’s, with 1” chicken wire.

Wood - Purchased at Lowes

Screws- Purchased at Home Hardware

Heavy gauge vinyl Liner- Purchased at Canadian Tire

PVC Tubing & 90% connector- Purchased at Home Hardware

Chicken Wire- Purchased at Home Hardware

½ “ Staples- Purchased at Home Hardware

Steel Strapping- Purchased at Home Hardware

Latches- Purchased at Lumberville *

**Big Shoutout to Lumberville, they are the only place in Milton, willing to cut 1x2”’s in half because I wanted to make the Rodent Guards for the existing Gardens with 1x1’s, since they are not as large as the Garden I am currently making. As well I can use the 1x1’s to make trellises for the cucumbers and zucchinis a plan on growing up again this year.

One thing for sure, I was very careful with my measurements, but should have used a square a little more than I did

Here are some pictures as the project is progressing:

See the latches I made from the steel strapping, used to hold the rodent guards in place, this allows them to be removed and gives me access to do work on the garden and hopefully harvesting lots of veggies. The hook and eye latches were installed to give the guards additional stability and are unlatched to the guards to be removed.

I haven’t installed the liner yet , since the weather has been uncertain, once I get a few days in a row that are good, I will get it installed, as well as the watering tube, and the overflow tube. The pieces at both ends are conveniently going to be used as handles when we move the garden to its final location. Once in place these will have 1x6’s attached to provide a handy useable surfaces.

That's all for now, will post again with the liner in.

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