Need a Holiday

OK, I listened to my 2 videos on the Leafs (Report Cards) and with the aid of strong coffee,

remained awake to the end.

Boy oh Boy, I do sound dull. Here is a promise, if I try another video (and I will, because it’s easier than typing), before post to my blog I will listen, if it is without expression, enthusiasm, and energy, I will resort to my 2 finger typing to express my opinions.

I had this blog ready to report on out recent annual holiday to Punta Cana (#Catalonia Royal Bavero).

I had my fishing tackle ready to go, my GoPro knockoff (#AKASO EK7000)loaded to take some underwater pictures of the underwater residents, as well as my golf clubs, so I could shake the dust off and learn to swing (again)with my new hip. Well, the weather was such that the barrier in front of the resort was unlodged and ended up on the shore. We have never seen the waves this big and we go to this resort every year about this time. The high winds kept the water very churned up and as a result, created nearly zero visibility, one day I went very far past the normal swimming area, but the waves and wind still hindered the water enough to make taking decent pictures impossible, with the fishing I did have a couple of small fish follow my lure in, but nothing of size took the bait so my rendition of “The man and the Sea” will have to wait. I had hoped I would hook into something of size so I would have to figure out how to land it, standing

in the water, on coral, with flip flops. I think I would have tried to beach it, maybe next time. The upside here is the fact that both the collapsible rod and 12 bearing reel that I won on the TOPHATTER Auction site were a success. Both items worked well and served their purpose.

The golf didn’t as well as I had hoped, as my upper leg and knee on my new hip leg seemed weak. Add to that, a shoulder that chose to rebel and stop moving with very much range. These seems like great excuses, for me to get as many strokes as possible. I have had X-rays on both the knee and shoulder and hope they will both be working well by Spring.

I have been drawing up my final plans for my winter project, so I can get enough wood for the new raised garden with rodent screens, and a wicking watering system. I will also be making cages for the vegetables I want to grow up again this year. I will keep you posted on the progress of this DIY

On final note for now, I stated in my videos, for the Leafs to improve , they would need to juggle the lines. I did suggest Brown with Bosak and Van Reimsdyk. That freed up Marner to move. I originally wanted him to move onto the Matthews line, but improved play by Hyman has solidified that line, and Hyman does help in the defensive zone, as the Matthews lines seems to be playing against every opponents 1st unit. This constant play against very stiff opponents will do nothing but better prepare the Matthews line for the rigors of playoff style hockey. What to do with Marner? Put him on the Kadri line, well that seems to be one of the best moves yet. Kadri’s play has fired up again, and Marner seems to have gotten over the slump he was in and Marleau is, well he is Marleau, always a threat. Hainsey needs some rest, and I hope Andersen gets some as well. GLG

over the slump he was in and Marleau is, well he is Marleau, always a threat. Hainsey needs some rest, and I hope Andersen gets some as well. GLG

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