Wood I!

I have always felt that working with wood made sense. It can be cut, nailed,stained, and finished into something you can be proud of. A wise man (Brian Baeumler) once said Measure twice, cut once! i have mastered nearly all of the do not do's in his book.

I have finally gotten around to re-finishing the table top in our kitchen. It started to show age the minute we got it, add to that my need to put a hot cup on it and remove the finish in a lovely circle.

I tried stain repairs, and other assorted (GUARANTEED) fixes for my problem. They all seemed to work for a little bit of time but quickly resorted back to its blemished state. So with sander, stain, and polyurethane in hand, I was going to get rid of this ugly table top, once and for all. Here are some pictures of the progress, as well as the finished product. Perfect, NO, but definitely much improved.

I have a warning for you all that my next blog will hopefully, if I can figure out how to do it properly, will be a video blog of a couple of things that have been bothering me for too long not to address. So, for now, over and out…

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