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The wedding is over, the hip is replaced, my first year of retirement has definitely not been as I had expected. I envisioned my golf game improving back to a level of decency (since I was going to play 4-5 times a week), well that a bust. My old hip had determined that I should not golf this year, I hate that old hip, and love my new hip. My new hip seems eager for me to get a couple of lessons in December so I can take my clubs south at the end of January. I was able to try gardening this year (more on a challenge than anything else). The result of this was that I had something to write about in my blog, right after I realized that NOTTHEDEMOGRAPHIC.SUCKS had a limited shelf life after I got my first volley of blogs out of the way. The reality is that I am no longer the demographic, and that nothing I say will change that, so I had to suck it up and give into change, NO MATTER HOW STUPID IT IS!, come on I should get the occasional rant on this topic.

The gardening was fun, and I will give it another go next year, now armed with some do’s and don’ts. One of the do’s is that after the season I need to get the beds ready for winter. I have taken the crops out, turned the soil, added nutrients, and cleaned up around the gardens in general. I have already dried the garlic I grew this year and select a couple to use for my crop in 2018. Garlic is planted in the fall, just before the first frost, after planting you cover them over with ample mulch. In the spring after the last frost you can pull back the mulch and get ready to see your garlic break ground, fingers crossed! I hated to pull the peppers, since they only now seemed to be growing well in our odd fall climate. I did however pull the Ghost pepper inside, from what I have read, their survival rate in winter isn’t great, but the plant looks so strong and healthy at present, I

couldn’t just discard it.

Ghost Pepper

The Canada Day Dahlia that chose not to bloom until September I am going to cut it back to 1 or 2 “ from the ground , cover with mulch, and keep it in the garage for the winter, to see if it will recover in the spring. With the gardens winterized I am now turning my attentions to building another raised garden for next year, similar to the one I had the peppers in this year, only larger. This will probably be one of my primary topics for my blogs during the winter. I am hoping I can also do regular blogs on the Leafs and their successes this year, this is by far the most exciting Leaf team I have seen for some time. I of course will still have my political blogs, but I was taught a good lesson by a political person, who has opinions based on their party. I have no party, I generally comment, based solely on my feelings of what the people in power are doing. Each party has a platform for the election. Each party promises to make things better. To me better means spending within our means, it is directly related to the fact that the millennials, for the most part, do not have money, rather they have debt, with student loans, credit cards, and other purchase loans. If the government continues to dig deeper holes in our economy, how can we ever come out from under? RHETORICAL… WE CAN’T. and the governments answer will be to raise taxes.

I want to warn you all ahead of time that I am very disappointed that the pipeline is being blocked from going coast to coast and generating billions upon billions of additional revenue for our country. I suspect this will be a blog written with Scotch in hand.

I would appreciate that if you have anything you feel strongly about that you send me a message and I would be glad to post your comments for more to see. MORE is subjective, as I have not quite amassed the 1000’s of followers I had originally hoped for. I know sex sells, maybe I should start posting pictures of myself while I write my blogs! Just kidding, there isn’t and airbrush large enough for that, yet.

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