Pigs Do Fly in 2017

Pigs Do Fly in 2017

A fitting title since the wedding has happened. The vision has been played out and everyone survived.

When Conor and Katie chose a date, they also announced that they wanted an outdoor wedding .

My experience in running outdoor events was for baseball tournaments! Really glad that Conor’s parents volunteered their beautiful cottage property for the site, located on Wolfe Lake, about 45 minutes north of Kingston, and they took the lead on getting the tents, food , tables, chairs, and the list goes on and on! Looking back, I had it pretty easy with my few crafts that I was given for the casual rustic wedding both Conor and Katie wanted. My list was short, get hip working for walk down the aisle and dance, CHECK, suit, not brown or green, CHECK, ended up with a dark blue one to accent my handmade wooden bowtie, deliver all of the wedding craft items, CHECK, help with set up and put up the direction signs, CHECK, and speech, procrastinated a bit, OK quite a bit, but got it done, welled up a couple of times, but careful sniffs and coughs covered this, I think. Will in the future should this occur use what Conor’s best man Mark said, “His eyes were sweating”

Unsure weather, made us all constantly keep checking the weather apps, and the perfect job is a weather person, because you don’t need to get it right often and you still have a job. The day before was cool and overcast all day, the day after was bloody cold, windy and rainy. But on the wedding day, there was a little sprinkle of rain in the early morning and then the day just kept getting better and better , the service did get without rain crashing the party and it was not until we were eating that some rain did start. Far too late to spoil this day from being everything I think that Conor and Katie had hoped for. There is a rumour going around that the good weather was a direct result of Katie finding a 4 leaf clover the day before the wedding and that the rosary beads on the clothesline were also looking out for all.

If you go to Instagram and search #pigsdoflyin2017 you will see some of the photos taken at the wedding. Many of these are spectacular!

my picture transfer skills are lacking, but if you click on the picture, you can see it entirely.

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