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Got the idea to post a few images that i have saved over time. most are self explanatory, some will require some thought on your part, some i just find funny. i will try to assemble these in an order that makes sense, but no promises. If you do see an image you like, let me know, i can send you a copy, most of these are j.peg files.

Quick garden update

, cucs going crazy, garlic nearly ready to pull out and dry, tomatoes are growing well, beans are producing more beans, zucs seem to be recovering from the earlier problem, the peppers are all bearing peppers with the exception of the ghost, see picture far left, that has plenty of flowers. the radishes may be a fail, not coming along as well as expected. the Canada Day Dahlia see picture beside the ghost, is doing well, but no flowers.

I was going thru old pictures and came across some cute pictures of the kids fishing, they are all under 10 in these pictures.

my mom is helping Matt, Joey is proudly displaying her catch, and Katie look pretty pleased with her success. no comments are necessary on the (at that time) very trendy adidias shorts

and fashion conscious striped sport socks!

For some reason i seem to have quite a few age related pictures, enjoy

these don't need much explanation. But it does stress that AGE doesn't = Bad

these pictures have at one time or another all been sent to me in an e-mail, these are the ones i thought best reflected me. I have a number of social comment ones as well. these i will show as a gallery,

I'll finish this picture blog off with a couple of man versus women images, also in a scroll, because of the size of image one, you will need to put your mouse over the image to see the direction chevron to display the other picture and a picture from my past

When i get down to the old neighbourhood i check out how everything has changed. Well this is my old public school. it was used as the original school for the filming of Degrassi Junior High

one last thought

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