Hate to admit to lazy, so I have had sufficient time to assemble what I hope is enough excuses!

Yes I should have posted a garden update, but with the rain (this is not where you should check the weather, I am sure that rain was called for nearly every day!), doctor appointments, since the change in date for the hip operation, all these appointments need to be crammed into a much shorter window, pool exercise, trying to keep as much flexibility and tone in my leg as I can so recovery will be as smooth as I experienced with my other hip. Hope that is enough, if not, add in Frame Construction (Will elaborate on this in a later blog).

I have only one picture for the garden update, but it’s a good one, I have started to harvest! Ok , harvest may be an exaggeration, thinning the crop, may be more in line. Happy with the cucumber progress, surprised how many beans I could take. Glad to see all of the pepper plants with peppers growing. I have concerns with the zuchinni, since the yellow leaves and I added nutrients to the soil, there is definitely growth but the flowers don’t seem to be turning into large, plump zuchinnis. Hope I am just being a little impatient, time will tell. Same with the tomatoes, the miniature tomatoes are growing will but the beefsteak plant seems healthy but not producing fruit, I think I need to remove some of the lower branches

Oh, I just thought of another great excuse for my tardiness, not enough visitors drinking my Canada Day Celebration beer! So I only have 3 provinces to critique at this time

At least Nova Scotia is one of the provinces I have been to, and I must admit we did a pub crawl. So I hoisted this ale to my lips, in great anticipation! OUCH, this is not a beer I would reorder. I found the taste a little harsh for my liking.

Quebec, well when I was still a working stiff, I remember we has a client in Quebec that manufactured the stainless steel vats used by many micro-breweries for making their beer, so I expected this one to be great, and it was.

I really enjoyed the taste of this pilsner. It had its own unique full bodied taste.

I did not read the label before I took my first swig of the Alberta offering.

What a surprise, not used to a sweet and fruity beer. Not really a taste I would make a regular purchase of, but in small doses quite acceptable, remember I am the guy at the golf course that takes regular ridicule for my summer choice of “Bud Lite Lime” I will continue with my beer comments as I travel around the country through the neck of a bottle!

Off and running for now, keep patient, still reading the Blogging for Dummies book to get better. Less than 2 weeks before this hombre has 2 radar detecting hips. Should have a new topic after that, the exercise and diet I will need to get this portly frame back into a reasonable shape for the upcoming wedding. Going through some old photos i came across some cute pictures of the kids fishing, may need approval to post these, maybe not!! one last thought, WTF are these Men's Sports (Hockey and Baseball) commercials ending in a happy group drinking MILK all about? Pretty sure I used to call this BEER LEAGUE!

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