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I must if I am looking for topics to rant about, POLITICS is an easy target.

One of my biggest concerns is Immigration. I worry when the Immigrants seem to be dictating how we are to change what has in the past been accepted practices and traditions to accommodate their wishes. If you truly want to become a Mountie, here is the uniform, it is a signature known throughout the world. It does not include a dagger.

Before my father past away, as happens with all people in the senior years, we spent more time at hospitals for tests and examinations. I felt, a like a minority in these always crowded waiting rooms, and English did not seem to be the language of choice (no it wasn’t French either). Are todays’ immigrants coming here and abusing our health system? Is this the same health system that is reducing the coverage for seniors?

I have no problem with Canada allowing people into our country if they have talents or experience that will better our country, not just come and take, take, take. The new cultures arriving here seem to be dictating changes, that we accept their ways, while they are openly apposing and refusing to follow our ways and traditions.

I am trying to carefully wade through this minefield without looking as if I am centering in on any one culture specifically. Because in todays’ world “POLITICALCORRECTNESS” is paramount!

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot, if the country that todays’ immigrants are coming from were to allow us in, would they be happy to allow us to demand changes to their beliefs? I think not. Nor would I expect them to if I was to choose to go there. Maybe this should be part of the screening before we open the doors.

One last quick thought FIFO is not just and inventory method. It could also mean “Fit In or ….

Think for a minute, you’ll get it.

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