Electronic Officials

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Electronic Officials

Too many mistakes, you’re fired This happens in the real world, how come we have officials in professional sports that miss call regularly and still have their jobs (here’s where a debating person could play the UNIONS card) I don’t mean get rid of the officials completely, but if electronics can determine goals, serves in or out, balls and strikes properly then we could remove that from their responsibilities and speed up the game. I enjoy watching (exception Pat and Buck continuous drivel) baseball, if the radio was timed to the video of TV, Gerry would have my attention. There seems to be too many calls missed, and as long as they keep showing the balls and strikes box, the errors are magnified. Offsides in hockey I can tolerate, because the game moves very quick with up to 10 large bodies and sightlines can’t always be possible. Having said that any offside missed cannot be overturned, holy jumpin’, 40 camera angles, super slo mo, zoom, let’s add 10 minutes to every game for review. I’m old, and can’t afford this time lost!!!

Hockey is over! Congrats Pens, but the playoffs did expose a couple of things The players go much faster in the playoffs (guess we could get a reduced ticket price for ½ the pace in the regular season), the checking is so close, that you don’t get to see that many really good scoring chances, goals are a result of mistakes or long shifts. And finally, the players are too big for the ice, the play gets so congested that you seldom get to really witness the tremendous talents of the players. Sorry goalies but the shooters are better than you. Please make the rinks larger, or reduce the number of players on the ice surface.

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