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It really is more than the thing that inspires an overpaid politician to run out and get a new pair of shoes.

It shouldn’t be a word that businesses and individuals fear, in our fine nation, but lately….

If I have a broken window in my house, I don’t buy a new one and give it to my neighbor, why, because I need it

If I can’t feed and clothe my family, I don’t go out and buy food and clothes and give it to my neighbor either, why, because I need it.

A quick question before I outline my business to government analogy.

If we were allowing fewer people into Canada, would we have enough money to take care of ourselves first? Reducing Seniors’ benefits and services is not how I personally want to respect the CANADIANS who have served for my country. Had an interesting conversation with a doctor I am seeing, he explained that the number of new arrivals into Canada, go nearly immediately to a health center to start getting the benefit of our health program. If they are just here, how much have they contributed to take advantage of these services?

When I had my own company, I had a responsibility to my staff, and in turn expected them to provide me with the effort I had hired them for. To do this properly I had to BUDGET, I could only spend what I could afford. If I overspent, then we would not make any money, if we didn’t make money, how could I provide for my staff properly. If our revenues decreased, we had to find ways to generate additional revenue, or as a last gasp measure, reduce the staff. I always made the effort to give the employees at least a cost of living increase, just so they could hopefully keep pace with the ever rising prices. To me, the government officials are the staff, and if the government cannot find a way to generate more revenue, reduction of staff seems like a logical alternative, or reduction of their wages until such time as the ship has righted itself.

Out of mainstream spending to other countries has to stop until we can feed and house the unfortunate people leaving without means, day to day.

Sensible spending should be the only sending done until we get a handle on or budget. The government must know what their expenses are, they should also know the revenue base they have and the revenue they can expect. Making these 2 figures close is a start as long as revenue is the bigger number.

Are we going to stop people from coming to Canada? I doubt it. Could we at least put some criteria to the acceptance policies. What does this person have to offer? Do we need doctors (this is a fill in the blank choice) if the answer is yes consider allowing Doctors. Do we need Drug Dealers…TIC… I think we all know this answer. Stamp that application DECLINED.

Let’s take care of our own first and help others when we can afford to.

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