What Happened?

On Father’s Day, it was brought to my attention that I may need help, moving forward with my BLOG.

Here is a picture of one of my Father’s Day presents. Not too far into the book, because I hate to admit that this may help, I realize that in fact, this is going to help me a great deal. Damn, there goes over 60ish years of being right down the drain! As a result of this epiphany, I have obtained a new domain, for 2 reasons: first to distance from the original Not the Demographic as it did not gain the traction I was hoping for, and second, to establish the new domain www.thruwretiredeyes.ca so I could create more of a traditional blog that would allow me to continue with my gardening exploits, my regular political and sports commentaries, and still make my off the cuff observations on… well anything I want to. Think of the new name as “Thru Retired Eyes…with Glasses” so I have an out if readers believe my observations are a little blurred.

I want to get to the point where there is regular interaction with the readers as to the content, both agreeing or disagreeing. I truly think that the bucket list section of the original site will remain, so I have mine at the ready, and hopefully can view others to compare, and maybe steal ideas to! Dad Jokes, no brainer, it stays, and kudos to Terri for her addition to the jokes in the comments!


On the garden front, things are progressing well, but as always seems to be the case, when I write these blogs, it is raining and adding pictures is difficult. May delay posting or add pictures later to show the garden progress. There are sightings of Radishes, Cucumbers, Zuchinnis, and Peppers. Also want to introduce the readers to my latest addition… the “Ghost Pepper” another Father’s Day gift. Beans are starting to climb, Tomatoes are flowering, what more could I want. Well that answer is: Chipmunk, STAY OUT OF THE PEPPER PLANTER! I am constructing a mesh around them, to keep ALVIN OUT. The rain has stopped, will attempt to add the pictures. No pictures of peppers as my buddy ALVIN took them, hence the mesh


Look Carefully, see Zuchinni

Other news, I think I will build another planter as a winter project, gives me another planter for next year, and a platform for me to give you a sliver by sliver report on its progress.

I am certainly missing golf with this messed up HIP, not the bad shots, but the few good ones you always remember, the camaraderie, the deck, the verbal jousting, and did I mention BUD LIGHT LIME, the summer drink of choice!

Got a pool cleaner, (iRobot RIP)this one is a Polaris P825 and I must say I am impressed. It is covering the floor of the pool as well as the sides when you set it to do so. The cleaning after is very simple as there is a basket that collects all of the debris you can easily remove from the top and clean with the garden hose.


OK, tried to explain, why the new site and name, updated garden progress, gave insight into winter project, what I am missing because of this @##@# hip!, and gave endorsement to my latest purchase.

I think my job here is done for the day, back to retirement, Nap Time! Jus kidding

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