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Garden as of June 12, 2017

One thing for sure, it is easier to explain how the garden is doing by providing pictures. Having said that, I now know what I I should try to master after this gardening is under control, Photography

Why? Have a look at the pictures I was going to post to show my progress: A little Dark?

Not to worry, I have taken some more this morning and with the exception of my shadow in most pictures, you can see how everything is progressing. I have reached out to anyone willing to make suggestions and point me in the right direction. I have recently fed the plants, have paid careful attention to watering, have got the beans just starting to climb up the mesh. But most important was the tip that I PINCH (not pluck, inside joke) the flowers from the peppers, tomatoes, and zucchinis. This will make them fuller, and stronger, and as a result produce a better yield. Look at the rookie using the word YIELD, yikes

As you can see the tomatoes are growing up and out, the cucumbers seem to be progressing, but not a quickly as some of the others, the green beans seem to be growing faster than the yellow, the radishes seem to be doubling in size weekly, I think they grow quickly and I will be able to plant another batch. Since I have started taking the flowers off of the zucchinis, they are growing up much better. The garlic is really doing well, I hope they turn out well so I can brag to the guys at the golf course, who got me into trying to grow them. The stems are thick and healthy, the next thing I am supposed to do is pinch off something (not sure of the name) when they start growing on the plants. In the other box are the peppers, I had so much fun trying to grow some on the deck last year, I had too again. But now I have soooo much more knowledge, ok a little! Have taken probably 40 flowers off of them and they are sprouting up and thickening up. As they should…. I think. One more picture, because there is more to me than gardening.

me and my date cooling off!

Me and my Date cooling off!

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Tried a video today, may inflict these on you in the future too!!

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