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TIC Talk

How about those Hockey Playoffs!

How long is too long to reverse a sports call?

I have watched only limited amounts of the playoff hockey games for many reasons, coaches throwing flags, the delay waiting for the call, listening to the announcers trying to fill every breathing second of airtime with some useless drivel, why I feel cheated as a fan. This topic has enough substance to fill a blog, but instead I will just upload my comments into the sports section of the site

Budget, What Budget!

Am I reading the wrong paper, am I not understanding and appreciating the government efforts? Why does it seems that the longest statements from the PM seem to be him justifying why he shouldn’t be the worlds’ sexiest Leader, or why not wearing socks is his only way of retaining some of his own personality. I have the same dilemma with this topic as the sports above, and as a result I will be posting my thoughts in the Politics section of the Webpage.

Thus far my retirement has not been as expected, I had hoped to golf 4-5 times a week, and as a result, improve to the extent that I am not near as embarrassed announcing my handicap as I am presently. I was going to work part-time for the software company I used when still a member of the working world. I was going to be able to do some of the things that I conveniently overlooked under the guise of too busy with work, such as gardening and yard maintenance. Then without invitation… my hip threw a wrench into nearly all of those plans. I am eagerly waiting for a call from the Doctor with a date for my second hip replacement. (as I slowly rebuild, my confidence increases concerning my golf prowess.) Hope it comes soon, as my waistline is trying to become its own postal code with all of this inactivity. Once that happens then I think I will start my retirement plans as expected. I haven’t mentioned winning the lottery in any of my stories yet… that’s a shame, because I have dreamt out thousands of scenarios of what I could do with $$$$$$ lotsa $$$$$$. I will have to share some of them with you as they are also related to a number of items on my Bucket List.

Better run for now, gotta write the long versions of my two RANTS above.

These don’t seem like RANTS, more like observations

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