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So, do you watch much Television? Do you like much? What do you watch mainly?

I have a hard time finding much out there that interests me, but I know for sure there is a lot out there that I don’t care for. Besides not being the demographic for pretty much every commercial (except the ones promising the wonder drug, 60 second commercial, 15 seconds on the product description and 45 seconds as a disclaimer of what the possible side effects are, gotta love lawyers! *TIC*). Is it necessary to have same sex couples, blended families, and what seems like every minority under the sun in most commercials presenting the products?

There doesn’t seem to be many comedies out there today that could hold a candle to I love Lucy, the Dick Van Dyke show, the shows were funny based on everyday happenings, much of it slapstick, but it certainly made me laugh. Today were seem to have to endure a plethora of gays and blended families, with the plot line heavy with sexual content and innuendo. Yes I know this seems narrow minded, but I think these plots are questioning my intellect

Ok, if comedy is off the rails, what about reality TV, to coin an old expression “Gag me with a spoon!” their parents must be so proud, or are they actors? Because I cannot see so many people acting so bazaar. “The Real Housewives of Toronto” makes you want to move to Milton, and we already have too many people! (Ed. Note: Future Blog). Of course you could watch: Survivor, Bachelor, or Jerry Springer they’re all real!

How many commercials are there in a regular television show? How many can you run in a row? I’m old, I could die before I see who gets the last Rose! Since we seem to control so many things now, why can’t we lobby to get the news to start and finish their reports with a positive tidbit before we listen to an endless list of murders, shootings, rapes, and drug related beatings. I put on the Buffalo channel to at least get a fire. Television is probably a result of TOO MUCH! So many options, only so many sponsor dollars, only so many core hours. I understand that, but why are there so many very sexually specific shows on while todays' youth has not yet gone to bed. Don’t you remember the Blue Movie, wasn’t aired until 11:00PM. Please don’t give me the argument that they can see much worse on the internet, because I also believe that is a problem. What the kids today have access to, is robbing them of their youth. We seem determined to get them to grow up ASAP.

Thank heavens for Hockey Night in Canada (try it with the sound down, the announcers are compelled to never miss a moment to dump useless facts on us instead of the occasional quiet moment), NCIS, and Big Bang Theory ( a weird eccentric, commenting on todays’ society through a pretty thick pair of glasses!)

In all fairness, never got into a couple of series that many friends say are terrific. My loss, maybe….

Rapid Fire Rant

Driving up Bronte Street to Steeles, East on Steeles

What does this make you think of? I find myself having the urge to take every free dollar and invest in shares in a “Pylon” company. Can we create any more havoc driving around Milton? Maybe we should have gotten the water into Milton earlier, and all the businesses that were leaving Mississauga and Toronto chose Cambridge over Milton. The additional businesses would have provided the tax dollars to work on these roads before all the traffic is here! Remember when you could drive around Milton in a couple of minutes, if you do, you have been here at least as long as me. Remember when a trip to Canadian Tire on Saturday was the way you kept up on events in town as you always met many people that you knew and they could bring you up to date. How do you spell TOO BIG!! Feel much better getting that off of my chest!

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