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The Saga Continues…

I promised to keep everyone up to date on the garden progress

This is pretty simple, vegetables grow when watered, and we have had tons of rain

Vegetables grow when they receive plenty of sun… ok not so much of that

Vegetables grow best in warm weather, well you be the judge here

FROSTGATE: 3 or 4 days of nightly frost warnings!

Will get some progress pictures soon, since the temperature and sun seem to be finally getting on the same page. Any specific tips on what I am doing or should be doing would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t tell the family, but I am rather enjoying this so far, but I must admit it is habit forming, I find myself looking up other veggies to grow and growing utensils and aids. I do officially have garden gloves now. And i did find another use for the Home Depot Soil Bag! Need to go for now... I was told singing to the tomatoes helps them grow

Hope they like Billy Joel.

#hobby #garden

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