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Trying to explain why I do not feel like the Demographic is easier if I give you a number of examples to reinforce my observations. I grew up in the west end of Toronto, living in a house that my Dad (ed. Note, remember I did NOT use the expression “Old Man”, will explain this later) built. I had friends who lived in larger and smaller houses, had parents (plural here was the norm) with larger/smaller, fancier/plainer cars. We all pretty much dressed the same , not dictated by style or peer pressure, but necessity,clothing was bought with the primary word being “Functionality.” But I do remember I always felt good wearing something NEW. I really didn’t give much thought to any of these material things, that today many people seem almost obsessed with.

Political Correctness was displaying proper manners and respect to others. It was not a deterrent, to express yourself without offending someone mistakenly. Fashion was dictated by what you could afford, not what everyone else wore, Logo purchases were unheard of. Music was a treat, the number of radio stations were few and choices limited, I had the pleasure of listening to CHUM 1050 AM . You generally had a record player in the house, but the majority of records were your parents. I got to listen to the big band sounds, and the crooners of that era. I must admit it was pretty good music, but not the Rock and Roll of my time. Television (did I mention Black and White) was a treat. Action shows like the Lone Ranger, or Dragnet. Comedies were made up of I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners. Saturday morning you could watch Cartoons, Sunday night The Ed Sullivan Show. Reality TV was Saturday night- Hockey Night in Canada, right after Don Messer’s Jubilee.

As I ramble, and I do, I realize, I may be softening, but I still find it difficult to accept. Reflecting back I now realize also had to experience the same feelings, but being far more reserved and controlled than I, they didn’t find it necessary to express themselves publicly.

In future blogs, I will address Politics, Sports, Food, TV, and others.

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