Why was this site created?

Recently retired, time to reflect. I had suspicions, but now feel confident that my age group is no longer the target demographic. With age, I have what I like to call, a clear prospective on just about everything! Some call it stubborn and opinionated, what do they know. I figured what better time to let everyone aware of my observations and concerns. I do hope that you find yourself nodding in the affirmative as you absorb the text. If not I hope you take the time to rebuttal my statements. I will explain my concerns, but better I will be able to use this site to RANT on many topics that I do not believe are necessary or handled properly

The site is a vehicle for us all to verbalize our own individual opinions. From my standpoint I only ask that you are respectful in your comments, please do not use vulgarity, or name people directly. read my comments, agree or disagree, most important enjoy. Hope to regularly update the Dad Joke section, as my kids, for some reason seem to believe my humor is a little twisted.

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