Getting my Butt Back in Gear!

I must admit in light of the current pandemic, i have not been very enthusiastic at getting the gardening going. However, when my Vesey shipment arrived I did get pumped up to get started. I have researched the germiniation and flowering timelimits for the different stains of marijuana I will be trying to grow again. I still have time before I need to start them, so I thought it would be a good time to start with the flowers and vegetables. I will keep you posted with the progress. I have been toying with a couple of other things to do. as these move forward I will try to elaborate more. I can tell you that I will be asking for input from you , my valued viewer ( Ok a bit of an exaggeration, since the number of followers has not met the lofty numbers I had hoped for.) Remember, in these difficult times: Be Safe, Self Isolate, Social Distancing, Keep Positive. I have reloaded the Comments. I want to use it as a visitor register as well. please leave your name and date viewed. thanks

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