Garden Update 6/28

No Rain. spells… Garden Update 6/28

But before the Veggies! I wanted to share a picture of a small garden I set up last year under the dining room window, with thinned out Hostas from the main garden and a small Lilly from Terra, I’m pretty please how it is shaping up.

Disclaimer, there is one picture that may not be suitable for the seasoned gardeners eyes!

Since the last update I have put more soil into the gardens, with growth fertilizer mixed in. I also added a mesh around the pepper garden as I had a chipmunk digging in the soil almost daily, I also put cayenne on the soil in case the little fella got through the mesh, so far so good! I had taken quite a number of flowers off each of the pepper plants early and it looks as that was a good move on my part. The plants are getting tall and strong (even the Jalepeno, that was decapitated in the wind a month ago) and flowering again. I’m sure you will get to see pictures of peppers growing in the next wave of pictures

I have also included a picture of the ghost pepper that I received for Father’s Day. Didn’t want to crowd the other peppers so I planted it in its own pot and it, he, she (not sure where to go here!) seems to be thriving. The Ghost pepper is known as one of the HOTTEST peppers. May end up trading these off to my son-in-law for lettuce!!!!

I have worked hard at getting good (Ok, better) pictures of the Zucchini, and Cucumber, with actual zoom in on the much anticipated crop! As well I have got a shot of the beans actually starting to climb up the makeshift strings I placed near the plants so they could reach the mesh and eventually the trellis that I have waiting to them.

Now for the disturbing picture, DUHDUHDUH (Ed. Note- added this for Dramatic effect) Let me say that I need to check on the type of radish I purchased, since there are so many types, but I thought I had just the regular ball radishes that I am used to, if that is the case, I’m afraid my first Radish volley has been a disaster, if they are in fact supposed to be thin, I still don’t think they matured enough, since the stems seem so long. Will get all of these out and replant and see how the second batch goes.

Will keep you posted

That pretty well covers the update but I still have a couple of things I want to say. Still faithfully reading my “Blogging for Dummies” book and I will be trying to introduce so of the suggestions that I have uncovered. One I have ignored completely is mentioning what and where I am getting my products. So one thing I keep forgetting to mention is the state of our backyard lawn. A little history, because of the pool and the kids playing sports, our backyard always seemed like a great locationfor after games and practices. It was for many years closer to a dirt pile with the amount of traffic it regularly endured. Two years ago I purchased a lawn maintenance plan from Home Turf in Mississauga. Last year it looked much better, but this year it looks marvelous. I will get you a picture after I get the trimming done so it looks even better.

One last threat, I have been reading up on “VLOGGING” and may try one of them soon to, until then,

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